The Wonders of CAD/CAM: Get a New Smile in One Day

A patient came in to see Dr. Jerry Vasilakos unhappy with some old crowns and the yellow shade of her teeth. Essentially, she wanted a new smile. Dr. Jerry Vasilakos worked up the case, and proposed the best treatment plan for her—taking into consideration all of her concerns.

In one appointment, yes a single visit, Dr. Jerry Vasilakos was able to replace 6 failing crowns with new porcelain crowns that were ready for use at the end of the appointment.

Consider that: a new smile in less time than the average work day.

How are we able to accomplish this? With the help our on site, CAD/CAM milling machine.

After prepping the tooth and designing the restoration on a computer screen, the CAD/CAM technology (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) allows us to mill the crown out of special, non-crystallized porcelain. We test it out, making the necessary adjustments (checking the bite, the contacts, the shape) before baking it in an oven for twenty minutes and revealing the finished product.

The speed of this procedure is truly remarkable. Prior to that advent of in office CAD/CAM technology, impressions were sent to a dental lab to fabricate these restorations and could take up to two weeks to achieve the same results we can now offer in a single day. While waiting for outside lab work to be done, the patient needs temporary crowns or bridges to protect the teeth. Using our on site CAD / CAM approach, your teeth have permanent restorations in place sealing and protecting your smile in one appointment.

All in all, at Planet Dentistry we’re sure you’ll agree the CAD/CAM milling machine is some pretty spiffy technology. The future is now and waiting for you, all in one convenient visit. Call us about your free check up appointment and your dental options.