Dental Implants: Mind the Gap

Gaps happen. Perhaps you lost a tooth while growing up, or a tooth just never came in where it was meant to. Regardless of the reason, it’s a good idea to try to fill the gap and the treatment of choice is dental implants.

Now, you might think the only reason to fill in a space is for aesthetics. In actuality, the main reason to fill the space goes beyond looks: it keeps your dentition stable.

Teeth with spaces between them tend to drift; they over-erupt and cause changes in your bite and your ability to function, speak, chew—even eat.

Implants have withstood the test of time. They are an excellent and efficient way to fill dental gaps.

The beauty of implants is their unobtrusive procedure: the surrounding teeth remain untouched; only the gap in question need be dealt with.

We simply place the implant in the space, build a tooth on top of it, and it functions just like any other naturally grown tooth would. You can chew with it, floss it, brush it—rinse and repeat.

Are you missing multiple teeth? Are your dentures loose? Implants could be the answer.

In these cases, we can use multiple implants with specific attachments to help clip a denture into place, ensuring it remains stable, solid, strong, and, of course, aesthetically pleasing.

You’ve perhaps read how about Dr. Jerry Vasilakos’ passion for modern CAD/CAM technology. Here again, its many wonders come into play.

Where in the past we were required send an implant case to an external lab, having to wait at least 10 days for its return. By using CAD/CAM technology, we’re now able to build a tooth on top of an implant in a single appointment. And once done, the patient leaves with a fully functioning tooth supported by an implant all ready to go. Good as new!

So please, do mind the gap, and consider dental implants.