Emergency Appointments: The 411 on Dental 911

There will come a time in everyone’s dental life where you may be out minding your own business, enjoying lunch with a friend—perhaps laughing over some perfectly innocuous lemonade and antipasto—when you take that fateful bite. Crunching down into that hidden olive, you chomp into the pit and find you’ve fractured your tooth.

We never plan for these things to happen—and always occur at the most inopportune of times. They are inconvenient, they can be harmful and, sure, embarrassing. Most importantly, they need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Dr. Jerry Vasilakos at Planet Dentistry in Toronto, Ontario, has got YOU covered in these sticky situations. We’ve taken the liberty to structure strategic times into our schedule for impromptu appointments to address such surprises.

During, these emergency appointments (available to book by phone) we diagnose the dental problem, ensure you’re not in any pain and provide a temporary measure to restore esthetics. Once the initial concerns are addressed, we can book a future appointment where (with the leisure of time on our side) we will carry out any other extensive treatments necessary, finishing whatever task was started during the emergency appointment.

Naturally, if the urgency is pressing and you find yourself experiencing serious immediate pain during the emergency appointment, we make it our priority to deal with it straight away

What about after-hour dental emergencies, you may ask? Not a problem.

In addition to setting aside times (in an effort to plan for the unplannable), Dr. Jerry Vasilakos also has a direct phone number for queries outside of daytime hours. Be it a prescription for antibiotics or simply the answers to a few dental-related questions—Dr. Jerry Vasilakos is more than happy to make himself available at all times.

Dr. Jerry Vasilakos Dentist in Toronto Offering Emergency Appointments